Colour & Styling


The price for each service is for colour ONLY & does NOT include haircuts or blow waves. A blow wave is required after every colour.

All our lightening services include Olaplex 1 & 2, Global Toner or Zone Tone. Olaplex #3 can be added on for $20.00.

Please note that depending on your current hair situation, length or thickness additional charges may apply. A quote will be given at time of consultation. 

All new clients booking with Gina will incur a $50.00 additional one time charge for their first appointment.

We are proud to be a Sustainable Salon, a $2.00 Green Fee is added to the total of your bill.

Colour Corrections are by consultation only





A technique of applying free hand highlights, or other highlighting techniques, to create a natural sun-kissed look that blends subtly with naturally darker roots using either your natural colour or by adding a root shadow to your roots

Full Head $345

3/4 Head $325
1/2 Head $310



Colour is applied in foils to create a multi-dimensional effect that can be bright and bold, or soft and subtle depending on your desired result. We personalise every set of highlights to suit individual needs.

Full Head $330

3/4 Head $300

1/2 Head $280

1/4 Head $240

Face Frame $205 

Back to Back add on $45



Baby Lights are delicate highlights created using a very finely woven technique & almost all the hair in foiled, also known as micro foils to create ultra lightness that appears very blonde. Because the technique of weaving extra fine foils takes considerably longer then regular highlights, please allow up to 5+ hours for this service.

Full Head $375

3/4 Head $325

1/2 Head $300

Back to Back add on $45



This technique is used when wanting to go from from a solid blonde to a more natural “lived in” colour. Depending on your current hair a combination of highlights & lowlights may be used or lowlights only.

Full Head Highlights & Lowlights $380

1/2 Head Highlights & Lowlights $330

Full Head Lowlights $310

1/2 Head Lowlights $250



This technique is used when wanting to go from already light to a darker root, darker mid section and lighter pops on throughout the ends of your hair. Multiple different services are used to achieve this look.

Long $335

Medium $320

Short $310



Permanent hair colour option offers 100% coverage of white hair. Semi permanent hair colour lasts 6 – 8 weeks and covers 50% of white hair. Great for enhancing hair colour and blending the first signs of grey. All our permanent & semi permanent colours are ammonia free

Semi or Permanent Colour:

Root Retouch $90

Global Short $120

Global Medium $140

Global Long $160

Global Extra Long/Thick $180



A toner is a Demi permanent colour added to your hair after we have lightened it to its desired level. Toners are designed to cancel out any unwanted pigments that n aturally come through during the lightening process.

We recommend maintenance toners every 6 – 8 weeks to keep those unwanted tines at bay and to keep your colour looking fresh!


Global with colour $45

Global Refresh $80

Zone Tone with colour $70

Zone Tone Refresh $100

Evo Fabuloso Pro $35

Redken City Beats $45



Basin Balayage $45

Face Frame Highlights $40

Lowlights in Between Foils $35

Root Retouch in Between Foils $50

Tip Out in Between Foils:

Full $40

Half $20

Ends Painted Lighter $60

Ends Painted Lowlight $50



The right hair style can makes all the difference to your style and how you feel about yourself. We will consult with you to decide the best hair style to suit your unique facial features, hair texture, hair colour and importantly your lifestyle and desired maintenance level.

All haircuts include shampoo, blow wave & styling

Haircut $80

Haircut Restyle $100

Haircut with Colour $50

Haircut Student $52

Men’s Clipper & Scissors $45

Men’s Clipper $20


All blow waves include shampoo

Blow Wave Short $50

Blow Wave Medium $ 60

Blow Wave Long $70

Blow Wave with Colour $40

Curls (no shampoo) $50

Upstyle $100

Braiding from $25 -$55



Purchase our Blow Wave Package with our emerging styists

Pre-pay for 10 Blow Waves $399

Receive 15 Blow Waves in total. Save $200

12 months to use, bookings can be made Wednesday to Saturday including after hours.


Olaplex 1 & 2 $55 – in salon only

Olaplex 1 – 3 $75 – includes take home

Olaplex Intensive Standalone $75

Redken PH Bonder 1 & 2 $55 – in salon only

Redken PH Bonder 1 -3 $65 – includes take home

Urban Alchemy Cleanse $20 – $36 – for guests wanting to remove silicone or mineral build up from supermarket products or travel

Urban Alchemy Hair Masks $15

Pureology Superfood Masks – $35

Redken Chemistry $25