Creative Services





A technique of applying free hand highlights, or other highlighting techniques, to hair to create a natural sun-kissed look that blends subtly with naturally darker roots using either your natural colour or by adding a semi / permanent colour to roots.

Foil Highlights

Colour is applied in foils to create a multi-dimensional effect that can be bright and bold, or soft and subtle depending on your desired result.

We personalise every set of highlights to suit individual needs.

Baby Light Highlights

Baby Lights are delicate highlights created using a very finely woven technique also known as micro foils to create subtle, dimensional hair colour that appears very natural. Because the technique of weaving extra fine foils takes considerably longer then regular highlights, please allow up to 3 hours plus for application only. The rate for this service is slightly higher than our normal highlighting services that are listed.

​Semi & Permanent Colour

Permanent hair colour option offers 100% coverage of white hair, can also darken hair and lighten without using bleach. Semi permanent hair colour that last 6 – 8 weeks and covers 70% of white hair. Great for enhancing hair colour and blending the first signs of grey.


This treatment will make your hair stronger, healthier, and your colour last longer by repairing your hair from the inside out. Olaplex is a bond multiplier, which repairs and multiples broken bonds within the hair structure reducing breakage and strengthening the hair. For those who want to maintain the health and structural integrity of their hair that can be weakened over time with regular colouring.



Intense Olaplaex Treatment

Olaplex is also an amazing stand alone treatment if you are suffering from stressed out and damaged hair from years of colouring. This treatment will make your hair stronger, healthier, and your colour last longer. Can be done before your colour service to prepare your hair for colour or before a colour service.


Hair cutting and Stying Service

The right hair style can makes all the difference to your style and how you feel about yourself.

We will consult with you to decide the best hair style to suit your unique facial features, hair texture, hair colour and importantly your lifestyle and desired maintenance level.

Beachy, wavy, straight – the choice is up to you!

Just consult your stylist.