Tape Hair Extensions

*These prices are for installing cost ONLY. Cost of hair extensions is additional and P.O.C

How many heads/packets of hair required is dependent on your current hair type, as well as the ultimate goal for your hair. If you are uncertain, we recommend booking in for one full head (2 packets). On the day of your booking, your stylist will work with you on assessing exactly how many packets will be required to achieve your goal hair transformation.

In an extension session at Bombshell Hair your detox shampoo, blow-dry, installation, cut to blend, and your choice of one of our signature styling finishes is included in the cost.


Half Head (20 pieces) 250
One Full Head (40 pieces) 300
1.5 Head (60 pieces) 350
Two Full Heads (80 pieces) 400
2.5 Full Heads (100 pieces) 450
Three Full Heads (120 pieces) 500
Removal Only 100/hour


Initial Install Only
Half Head (20 pieces) 150
One Full Head (40 pieces) 200
1.5 Head (60 pieces) 250
Two Full Heads (80 pieces) 300
2.5 Full Heads (100 pieces) 350
Three Full Heads (120 pieces) 400

All re-taping sessions include removal of existing tape extensions, residue removal, detox shampoo, blow-dry, re-application of extensions, cut to blend, and your choice of one of our signature Bombshell Hair styling finishes. The length of your extensions does not affect the re-taping price. We recommend a re-taping session every 5-6 weeks. We find that most clients prefer a maximum of 3 re-taping sessions in total before getting new hair again.